Kea  |  3.5 - 5 years

The Kea room host children from around 3.5 Years until they go to school at 5 years old or later.

Our preschool program is fun filled and play based driven to give your child all the opportunities to develop their skills to be ready for school. We are very proud of our transition to school successes.

When you come for a visit our teachers will answer all your questions regarding the details of this preschool program. 

meet the teachers

  • jinwon/ Team leader

    Hi, my name is Jinwon Min and I am from South Korea. I gained my qualification (Graduate Diploma in Teaching ECE) at the new Zealand Tertiary College in 2013. Since then I have worked with children. I believe that children are gifts from God and I enjoy being with them. That is the reason why I believe that working for and with children is my calling. When I have spare time I go for walks, read books and meet up with my friends.

  • Claire

    Kia Ora. My name is Claire Robinson. I completed a Bachelor of Education (ECE) degree at Auckland University of Technology in 2019. I have a true passion and desire for teaching children. I view teachers to be like a gardener, where my role is to nurture the young minds of children and create an environment where they can flourish. In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer, learning the guitar and ukulele and spending time with friends and family.

  • Nancy

    Hi, I am a teacher in the Tui room. Working with children is my passion. It took me a long time to find out what I really enjoy doing as a profession. Being able to support each child in their different developmental areas is my ultimate goal. I find it fascinating how different and unique each child is and how I learn from them every day. I wish that God blesses me with good health to be able to continue being his instrument to bring up great human beings. I'm very proud of my achievement getting a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education and I look forward to growing professionally and as a person to give my best to the best.

  • Stephane

    Hi my name is Stephanie. When I was small my dreams were always to became a good teacher as I had an amazing teacher in my first school years, that inspired me and gave me the hope of becoming an caring, supportive teacher. After school I followed my dreams of becoming that teacher.

    I went to the University of the Freestate in Bloemfontein, a city in South Africa, where I graduated with an Bachelor Education (Pre-School and Foundation Phase) degree. I started teaching in the Freestate and through the years moved around to many towns till I ended up in New Zealand. I am so blessed that I got the chance to teach at Small Fries where I can share my religion as a Christian with these lovely children we have. I am passionate about working with children and strive to be a loving, caring teacher that will help learners to become strong independent and competent learners. I belief that each child can reach their dream with the correct guidance and support. I will always give my best to my learners to make sure they will one day be able to use the skills that they learned from me.