Windsor Park Baptist Church

Small Fries has been fully developed as part of Windsor Park Baptist Church, an active participant in so many ways in the North Shore community. We see Small Fries as an extension of our desire to care for people across all ages within our community. Check out more of what Windsor Park is about by looking at their website here.

Freeset Kolkata

At Small Fries we love to teach the children a sense of compassion with communities around us and in the wider world. As well as feeding into the wider community, Small Fries supports a creche in Kolkata which is run under the umbrella of Freeset (click here for Freeset's website).

In 2012 our Management Consultant, Shelley, visited the Freeset  creche to meet the Freeset community and get to know their circumstances. In 2013 two of our current Managers and a Team leader visited the Freeset creche to give advice and art supplies. The children in Small Fries are involved by learning about other cultures and understanding that they can give their love. They love making special pictures and cards to send to the children in Kolkata. Parents and children actively donate financially or with resources. We love our families' heart for others and the compassion they show!