Tui Room  |  2 - 3.5 years

The Tui room is for children aged approximately 2 years up to around 3.5 years old.

At this age children begin to play more interactively with their peers. We focus on developing advanced social play skills, such as sharing and turn-taking. The children learn best when they play, explore and discover according to their interests. We create an environment where your child feels loved and safe to explore.

Meet the Teachers

  • Ingrid  |  team leader

    Ni Hao! My name is Ying (Ingrid). I came from China and have been living in New Zealand since 2005. I have a 6-year-old daughter Olivia. I am very glad be a part of Small Fries. I am a registered teacher. I have been working with under 2’s for several years and Worked as a visiting teacher in a home-base program. I am excited to come back to working with children’s learning journey and supporting the children to becoming the best they can be.

  • Nancy

    Hi, I am a teacher in the Tui room. Working with children is my passion. It took me a long time to find out what I really enjoy doing as a profession. Being able to support each child in their different developmental areas is my ultimate goal. I find it fascinating how different and unique each child is and how I learn from them every day. I wish that God blesses me with good health to be able to continue being his instrument to bring up great human beings. I'm very proud of my achievement getting a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education and I look forward to growing professionally and as a person to give my best to the best.

  • Gail

    Hi, my name is Gail. I have a degree in social work and worked as a social worker since 2009. During this time I realised that my true calling was to work with children. I am now working as a teacher at Small Fries. I feel so blessed to be part of the team and to be involved in these children's educational and personal development. I am married and have three children and two gorgeous grandchildren, I love spending fun times with my family when I am not working.

  • Joo Young

    Hello. I am Joo Young Kim. I have always wanted to be part of Small Fries and I am very pleased to be here. I am Korean. I was born in Korea and lived until i was 10 years old. I have been to Philippines for 3 years and came to New Zealand in 2008 for my education. I am very pleased to work in an environment where I can support children's development along with the great truth. I would like to love children how God loves me. I am looking forward to continuously developing myself as a professional teacher and building an intimate relationship with God as His children in Small Fries.  

  • Maurina

    Hi, my name is Maurina du Plessis and I am from South Africa. We immigrated to NZ during 2017.  I hold a 3-year Diploma in Public Relations and was mostly working in the administration industry.  I was privileged to also work as a teacher at a Christian ACE school in SA which my children attended.

    I have a passion for children and it is great to see them develop and succeeding in the small things in life.  Most of all I love to be a part of their spiritual journey and teaching them Christian values.  I am grateful for my lovely team at Small Fries.

    Aside from work, I love New Zealand and I love spending family time with my husband and two children.  I also enjoy the outdoors and running.