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Small Fries Christian Childcare Centre was developed by Windsor Park Baptist Church as part of its larger vision to serve families in our local area. We were created to be much more than just a childcare centre - we're a place where both children and families can belong, find support, and journey through the early childhood years together.

Through partnership with whānau we strive to support not only tamariki but whānau groups to ensure that your children get the best start to their learning journey and early years’ development. With hospitality, kindness and generosity, we provide a curriculum to enhance our tamariki’s sense of themselves as capable and competent learners.

We have two childcare centres located in Beachlands in East Auckland and Windsor Park (Mairangi Bay) on the North Shore.

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Why choose Small Fries?

We're passionate about providing for you and your little ones! Check out what makes us who we are below:

  • Everyone remembers that teacher that believed in them, supported them and encouraged them! We set out to be those teachers everyday! We're passionate about our tamariki and want to see them succeed in life. We approach each child with love, warmth and kindness; we're patient, we'll happily answer all of their questions, and we genuinely care about each of our children! We have excellent staff and teacher/child ratios that meet the Ministry of Education's 100% qualified teacher standards, ensuring that your child gets the greatest level of care, attention and support. 

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  • Our children at Small Fries enjoy a well prepared, carefully designed program based on Te Whāriki (NZ Ministry of Education Early Childhood Curriculum). Interwoven with our Christian teaching and values, Small Fries is an extraordinary and special place that will support the development of your children's identity and skills. At Small Fries your child will feel secure and happy - the foundation required for any learning, allowing your child to thrive! Our curriculum encompasses all aspects of your children’s day, from the moment they are dropped off right through to when you pick them up. Te Whāriki’s vision is for our children to “grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society” (Ministry of Education, 1996, p. 9).

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  • Our centres are designed with your children in mind! Both centres have great indoor and outdoor areas that are larger than government requirements, designed for play, exploration and learning. By creating fun, dynamic and practical areas, both inside and out, we're providing our children with plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and explore through play, encouraging and enhancing cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual growth! Want to see what our centre's look like? Check them our via the button below, or book a visit to come and see our centres for yourself!

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  • Here at Small Fries we're more than just a childcare centre - we're faith based in who we are and what we do, and we're proudly not-for-profit. Small Fries Christian Childcare Centre was birthed out of Windsor Park Baptist Church to be a place that serves families across our community, where our next generation could learn, grow and thrive! Our faith is the cornerstone of who we are, it informs all of our Small Fries values and it is lived out through our hospitality, care and value in community. 

    We're a social enterprise that fits under the umbrella of the Windsor Park Hub Ltd - we're not about making money for profit, instead we're all about creating great opportunities for employment, valuing our staff and their working environment (which means that we have high quality teachers, low turn-over, and a better place for your child to learn & thrive), and putting money back into learning resources and equipment within our centres. We're also passionate about helping out families in need, and are intentional about caring for those in both our local communities (in Auckland) and beyond. When you and your children join our Small Fries community, you join us in positively impacting and changing our world for the better! 


  • Our centres are audited and accredited by the Education Review Office (ERO) for a Quality Evaluation Report. Some highlights from our last ERO audit reveal that children at our centre are "calm, caring and settled" where "parents are kept well informed". The audit also noted how "teachers know the children and families well, and a culture of care and kindness is evident", going on to say how "children with additional learning needs are warmly welcomed and well supported". To read the full ERO report, click on the button below: 

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Our story

The Small Fries story began in 2010, when the local McDonald's was sold to Windsor Park Baptist Church with the intention of transforming it into a Christian Childcare Centre that would serve families and children in our community. 

With renovations and refitting taking place not long after, we opened the doors to our very first Small Fries Centre in Windsor Park on February 7th, 2012. We quickly saw a need to develop a second building on site to extend our reach and grow our capacity, resulting in the launch and opening of our Small Fries 2 building in June 2017, increasing our capacity by 45%. In August 2020, in a year like no other, Small Fries in partnership with Beachlands Baptist Church began the process of opening our second centre. In 2021 our Small Fries Beachlands Centre opened, spreading our reach further and wider than ever before!

As we continue to grow and expand, our goal has always remained the same, to journey alongside families, supporting, encouraging and equipping them to help their little ones thrive in life, setting them up well for their future! As part of the Windsor Park Hub Ltd, we continue to work to bring the best social outcomes out of our business, paying our teachers well, supporting our families holistically, and giving back to communities in need. 

Our heart has always been—and will continue to only be—about the people.

We'd love to have you and your children join our Small Fries family, and be a part of our Small Fries story!


Small Fries: A place for your child to thrive!

Welcome to Small Fries! We're a friendly and welcoming childcare centre based in Auckland with locations in Windsor Park (Mairangi Bay) and Beachlands.

We're passionate about serving families in our local area, creating a safe place where both children & families can belong, find support and journey through the preschool years together. We have excellent teacher-child ratios with an incredible team of friendly, inspiring and qualified multi-cultural teachers. Our curriculum is faith-based, inclusive for all learning ages and stages, diverse and designed to prepare your little ones with the core skills to take them into their next stage of learning, development and life!

Want to find out more about what makes Small Fries so special? Click on the image blocks below:

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Visit our centres

We'd love to have you pop by and see if Small Fries is the right fit for you and your child! Simply get in touch via the 'Book A Visit' button below and one of our team will be in touch to coordinate a suitable date and time. We can't wait to meet you soon!

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